GOST-R Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Russia

Russia’s GOST R certification programme relate to the majority supplies being exported to Russia. The GOST R certificate of conformity suggests that significance products observe with Russian standards, superiority and security necessities. The Gost-R certificate is obligatory for society authorization in Russia and for sale or marketing inside the country.The GOST-R Russian certification programme face a ample variety of products as well as cosmetics, food products, toys, textiles, domestic electrical goods and manufacturing equipment.

Products that are within the range of the compulsory GOSTR Certification programme formerly specialized are requisite to exhibit the registered GOST R symbol is also known as the Mark of Conformity. The GOSTR beside other compulsory category of Russian certificates indicate that the imported product observe with Russian standards and necessities for safety. These certificates can merely be issued by certification bodies which have been accredited by GOST authorities.

Ascent Tanzania has been assembling these obligatory certificates ever since the establishment of the programme. Ascent Tanzania employees is specialist in the Gost-r certification programme and has widespread acquaintance of its necessities and its objectives and so can self-assuredly and professionally helps exporters in ease trade. If your goods are not subject to GOST R certification they might be question to other kinds of Russian obligatory certification such as statement of Conformity, TR certificate or State Registration.

Ascent Tanzania has devoted expert who will be capable to counsel you on the certification you require and guarantee you a tradition service to direct you throughout the certification procedure. 


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