IMS (Integrated Management Services)

IMS concentrate in providing committed, cost efficient, skilled and globally renowned assessment and registration services in observance with the requirements of various National and International standards.IMS present superior certification services that are capable of reacting to all your needs, and propose the certification services of management systems beside various standards and criteria, not only ISO, but also product and sector standards.

The beneficiary factor of implementation of the Integrated Management Systems is:

  • Superior credibility of the business by registration of corporation products.
  • Contributing in and capturing markets where Management Systems Certifications are lone of the necessary requirements of customers.
  • development in manufactured goods quality through objectives / targets / Management Programmers

Implementation procedure:

Objectives and Targets: The integrated Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy should be released by the CEO & Whole Time Director.

The Top Management reviews it in the six-monthly Management Review Meeting and necessary revision (if any) is carried out as per Standards’ supplies and obtainable business situation.

In line with the Top Management’s commitments as affirmed in the policy for business assignment, plant level objectives and targets are resolute by the Top Management – Chief Executive Officer / Chief Operating Officer (CEO/ COO).

The departmental objectives and targets are resultant on the foundation of plant level objectives and targets and Management Programmers are ready to achieve the same.

These objectives / targets/ Management Programmers are assessment by respective Departmental Heads and Top Management as per a pre-determined occurrence (mostly monthly) and in harmony with the level of brilliance that is aimed at.

Internal Audit: An independent Internal Audit is prearranged usually once in a quarter and at least twice in a year to make certain and verify –Follow-up of the work commands.

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