Internal Assessors Training

Internal Assessors Course has been intended to get ready those who desire to complete an internal assessment of their organization. During the course, applicant will get to perform by using number of tools, from easy self-assessments to a complete Award recreation.

Topic in the Internal Assessor Training Course:

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Course
  3. Course knowledge Objectives
  4. The EFQM Excellence Module
  5. Key Information and Strategic Themes
  6. Applying RADAR to Enablers
  7. Applying RADAR to Results
  8. Assessing using the EFQM Excellence Module
  9. Assessing using the EFQM Excellence Matrix
  10. Site visit simulation
  11. Writing opinion Statements
  12. Scoring using the RADAR
  13. Feedback Reports
  14. Applying the education in your Organization

 How will I benefit?                                                                    

  1. After the course, contestant will be able to choose which tools are best matched for sustaining their organization and how to get started.
  2. Participants will:
  3. Learn about a variety of Self-assessment techniques and which is most appropriate for participant’s organization
  4. recognize the EFQM Excellence Model and its links to the Fundamental Concepts
  5. Learn how to use different self-assessment tools Work out which option best suits participant’s organization
  6. Practice interviewing and workshop techniques
  7. Learn to successfully apply RADAR to produce value addition performance analyses

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