ISO 10002:2014

ISO 10002

iso 10002ISO 10002:2014, the international standard for customer satisfaction. It provides you with guidelines for positioning in set your own complaints management system – serving you to classify complaints, their grounds and how to get rid of them. ISO 10002:2014 will also permit you to classify region in your production wherever you can recover and ultimately eradicate the root of complaints. The standard draw management controls and processes that assist you to hold customer complaints more successfully and expertly – making definite those additional customers are pleased with the service you offer.

Beneficiary factor of ISO 10002 (Customer Satisfaction Complaints)

  • accomplish equipped competence to recognize trends and reason of complaints
  • determine extra complaints by assuming a more customer-focused advance
  • employ staff with new customer service training opportunity
  • Integrate ISO 10002 with ISO 9001 to improve large competence
  • supervise and constantly improve your complaints management process.


How to get certified to ISO 10002:

Tanzania Ascent will assist you with the complete process of ISO 10002 Certification through guiding you with all complete procedures.

For More Info on the certification process for ISO 10002 , Feel free to  Contact Us .

Also, for various revisions from ISO 10002:2004 to ISO 10002:2009 & ISO 10002:2014 and to get updated with the certification process, feel free to be in touch with us.

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