ISO 10007 (Guidelines for Configuration Management)

ISO 10007 (Configuration management system)

ISO 10007 (configuration management system) gives guidance on the utilization of configuration management within an organization. It is valid to the sustain of products from idea to clearance. Configuration management is a management action that affects technological and managerial route over the life cycle of a product, its configuration items, and related product configuration information.Configuration management credentials the product’s configuration. It offers identification and detectable, the position of accomplishment of its physical and practical requirements, and admittance to exact information in all phases of the life cycle.Configuration management can be implemented foundation on the size of the organization and the convolution and temperament of the product.Configuration management can be used to meet the product identification and measurable requirements specified in ISO 9001.

Configuration Management says the organization shall set up, put into practice and preserve a configuration management process that comprise, as suitable to the product:

  • Configuration management preparation
  • Configuration classification
  • Change organize
  • Configuration status accounting
  • Configuration audit

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