ISO 17020

ISO 17020 allowed general principle used for the process of various sort of Bodies implementation inspection is a wide-reaching known standard in hold up of the competence of inspection bodies. ISO 17020 must not be perplexed among ISO 9001, which be strict to QMS.  ISO 9001 do not need assessment of the technological capability of an inspection body and it must not be observing as an ‘adequate’ option to ISO 17020.

This ISO Standard make out universal principle for the capability of impartial bodies performing inspection irrespective of the dissection disturbed. It also symbolize self-governance principle. ISO 17020 standard is expected for   apply of   inspection bodies and their accreditation bodies and also additional bodies anxious with identifying the capability of examination bodies.

Benefits of ISO 17020 Accreditation.

  • Standardization in execution and reporting technique for the people carrying out the activity.
  • Reduced penalty in case of disputes
  • Meeting the accreditation necessities
  • Reduced client complaints
  • Proof of conforms to specified requirements

Requirements of ISO 17020 Standards.

The requirements of ISO 17020 are contained in 14 major sections including:

  • Managerial necessities
  • Requirements for self-determination, neutrality, and honesty.
  • Association and management.
  • Quality system.
  • Amenities and equipment.
  • Inspection technique and procedures.
  • Handling of inspection samples and items.
  • Control of records.
  • Examination information and examination certificates.
  • Complaints and appeals.
  • collaboration with other assessment bodies


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