ISO 22000 (Food safety Management System)

ISO 22000 – Food safety Management System

ISO 22000 is an International Standard for FSMS (Food Safety Management System). This standard is basic in character and can be apply to organizations of any type, size and nature. ISO 22000 Consultancy is the method of reorganization the system so that it guarantees greatest safety in Food Products. ISO 22000 Certification append on to the declaration of the customers in relation to food safety. This international standard ISO 22000 can be implemented by any organization within the Food Supply Chain irrespective of whether it has a straight or meandering participation.

ISO 22000 is a decidedly well-organized arrangement of auditable requirements of Food Safety Management System. It is a amalgamation of HACCP Plan, pre vital programs and operational pre requisite programs. Hazard analysis is the first step of Food Safety Management System as it involves identification of all hazards, analysis of significance and determining management methods required to ascertain an efficient amalgamation of control actions.

All hazards including the ones probable to occur in food chain due to the type of ability or processes, are identified, assessed and measures taken.

  • Interactive communication
  • System management
  • Required programs
  • HACCP principles

 Benefits of ISO 22000 system 

  1. Superior scrutinizing of process criticalities
  2. Superior scrutinizing of process potentialities
  3. Distinct aim of accomplishment and target scrutinizing
  4. Superior compliances and condensed digression from legislative and authoritarian necessities
  5. Logical purpose, stipulation and administration of funds
  6. Superior documentation success and optimization
  7. Harmonization setting up and decrease of quality control processes, thus striking output


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