SA 8000 (Social Accountability International)

SA8000 is an international standard for enhancing operational conditions. Based on the principles of thirteen international human rights meeting, it is a tool to help apply this standard to practical work-life situations. Sufficiently specific to be used to audit companies and contractors alike in multiple industries and countries, SA8000 represents a major breakthrough: it was the first auditable social standard and creates a process that is truly independent (it is neither a government project, nor dominated by any single interest group).

Beneficiary factor of adopting SA8000.

  • Improved staff morale,
  • More reliable business partnerships,
  • Enhanced competitiveness,
  • Less staff turnover
  • Better worker-manager communication.


Certification process:

SA8000 auditors will visit factories and assess corporate practice on a wide range of issues and evaluate the state of a company’s management systems, necessary to ensure ongoing acceptable practices. Once an organization has implemented any necessary improvements, it can earn a certificate attesting to its compliance with SA8000. This certification provides a public report of good practice to consumers, buyers, and other companies and is intended to be a significant milestone in improving workplace conditions.



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